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  AlohaBus offers parents a 'Coach Approach' to Early Intervention for very young children. Our mission is to provide parents with practical clinical tips, tricks, strategies, resources AND support you as you learn how to apply clinical knowledge into your child's natural, everyday routines (so that the learning is so relevant, frequent, and meaningful to the child).

                                                        Free 30 minute consultations available.  


What  Parents say matters most

                      Now only five weeks into therapy, Joseph communicates with us more than ever. With Mary's help, he is more accepting of all foods. Joe has started to count and sing his ABCs. He said Mama for the first time *twice* yesterday, which was also my 34th birthday. It was the best birthday gift ever. I am getting emotional writing this email because I finally feel I am providing my son with precisely what he needs for the first time since we knew he wasn't typical. We no longer feel discouraged. Instead, we feel very empowered and uplifted. 

-Jessica C, Jacksonville 

                     "Super fun and very easy to work with! I look forward to every week session! My kid enjoys it as well❤️ very helpful and very informative, breaking down to easy steps, and always making new goals. Two thumbs up!"

-Holly, St. Augustine

             "Amazing! My girls would not be where they are if it wasn’t for her. Great program!!!"

-Heather, Atlantic Beach

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